FAQs – Questions About the Exam

Examination Information

As of 2017 the CBNC Examinations are administered by Pearson VUE.

When will the examinations be held?

The CBNC certification and recertification examination dates can be found here. Prospective Candidates apply to CBNC. The examinations will be administered at Pearson VUE testing centers around the world. For more information on locations, log onto www.pearsonvue.com/apca

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At what location(s)?

The best way to schedule an examination appointment with Pearson VUE is online at www.pearsonvue.com/apca. North American Candidates also have the option of calling the Pearson VUE Calling Center to schedule at 1-877-258-9220.  Candidates outside of North America may visit www.pearsonvue.com/apca/contact for regional information. Pearson VUE test centers fill up quickly so to have a better chance of securing your preferred time and location, schedule as soon as you receive your Examination Confirmation Letter (ECL) email.

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What happens after I am approved to sit for the exam?

If your application is complete and you meet all the criteria, you will receive an Examination Confirmation Letter (ECL) email from CBNC advising you that you have been approved to sit for the examination. Your ECL will contain a Certification Number, which is unique to each Candidate and required to schedule an examination appointment.

The Scheduling and Cancellation Guidelines or ADA Scheduling and Cancellation Guidelines contain information on scheduling an examination appointment within the CBNC examination administration window, including cancellation policies and other critical information. Please also read through APCA’s Compliance Policies and download the Compliance Policy document for your records. You must acknowledge receipt of the Compliance Policy document in order to be allowed to apply for the examination.  It is strongly suggested that you save and review the document as you are bound by the rules stated within.

If your application is incomplete or any part is incorrect, staff will notify you of what is needed. We encourage applicants to provide an active email address so that we can contact you quickly with what is required to complete your application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain or correct any outstanding or incorrect materials and submit them to the CBNC office. Applications with missing or incorrect documentation will be subject to a $75 resubmission fee before they are deemed eligible. CBNC reserves the right to return incomplete applications, together with a refund. ($795 certification/$525 recertification and less $50 for those who claimed the multi-modality discount.)  Administrative fees, late fees and resubmission fees will not be refunded.

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How should I prepare for the exam?

The Preparing to Take the Examination section of the CBNC website provides information on the examination content outline, sample questions and a list of references.

CBNC offers a tutorial at www.CBNCTutorial.org  to demonstrate how to move through a computer-based examination format. The tutorial video mimics the computer screens as examinees will see them during the examination and allows Candidates to view the functions available on Pearson VUE workstations in order to understand how to navigate through the electronic format. It is strongly recommended that applicants view the tutorial PRIOR to arriving at the testing center as it will NOT be available during the examination appointment.  Please note that the tutorial does not address examination content.

CBNC also offers a Practice Test. For more information about the CBNC Practice Test please view our Practice Test page.

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What courses does the CBNC recommend for preparation for the exam?

The CBNC does not recommend particular courses. The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology website (www.asnc.org) has a number of courses available and also has an online educational calendar that lists many courses in nuclear cardiology, both ASNC and others. Other society websites such as ACC, EANM, ESC and SNM may also have nuclear cardiology course listings.

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What can I bring with me to the exam?

Candidates are required to present one form of unexpired, government-issued identification bearing a current photograph and signature to be admitted to the test center (e.g., driver’s license or passport). If you do not have the appropriate ID you must make arrangements with CBNC PRIOR to the exam date.

Candidates are encouraged to bring as little as possible to the testing center because all personal belongings must be stored in a locker for test security purposes.  Personal belongings include, but are not limited to keys, snacks, purses, wallets, all forms of cell phones, pagers, calculators, books, notes and any other electronic devices.  Personal belongings are NOT permitted to be accessed during a break.  No calculators, electronic devices (e.g. cell phone, beeper, Blackberry, IPhone, ITouch, etc.) books or papers of any kind are allowed in the testing room. It is recommended that such devices and materials be left securely in your car or at home. If such devices and materials are stored in a locker you are NOT permitted to access them once your examination has begun. Such action is a violation of  examination policies and will result in disciplinary action according to APCA Compliance policies and procedures.

The testing vendor will provide a small white board along with pen or pencil for your use which will be collected at the end of the examination.  Your workstation will include a workstation calculator which you will be able to use during the exam.  You are not allowed to use your own personal calculator during the examination.  If your personal calculator is brought to the the testing center, it must be stored in your locker and access to the personal calculator is prohibited.

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What forms of ID are acceptable?

Acceptable forms of photo identification for North American residents are a valid driver’s license, passport, military ID, or state ID. Non-North American residents must present a valid passport for identification. These are the only forms of photographic identification that will be accepted. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE EXAMINATION WITHOUT PROPER PHOTOGRAPHIC IDENTIFICATION. If you do not have the appropriate ID you must make arrangements with CBNC PRIOR to the exam date.

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What is the general content of the exam?

Please see the content outline: Examination Outline.

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Are there scheduled breaks during the exam?

There are NO scheduled breaks during the examination.  The exam consists of a single module of questions WITHOUT any scheduled break.  Examinees may take an unscheduled break to quickly use the restroom or retrieve a snack from their locker.  However, the clock will continue to run on the examination and no additional testing time is added. Candidates are not permitted to leave the testing center once their examination has begun. It is strictly prohibited to access study materials or any electronic devices at any time during the administration of the examination, including the time you are permitted to use the restroom or retrieve a snack.  Such action is a violation of testing polices and will result in disciplinary action according to APCA Compliance policies and procedures.

Test Administrators (TA) will supervise the administration of the examination and all testing cubicles. Check-in areas and locker facilities are videotaped and audio monitored. Irregularities identified by observation or suspicion by the TA’s may be sufficient cause to terminate a Candidate’s participation in the examination, or to invalidate or cancel scores. Candidates will be required to sign in and out of the testing room and may be asked to provide a photo ID upon re-entry.

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Does the CBNC examination carry CME credit?

No, CBNC is not an ACCME-accredited sponsor of CME credit.

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Something has come up and I need to cancel my application, what do I do? Can you hold my application for next year?

Applicants must FIRST cancel with the testing vendor if exam has been scheduled already.  Then cancel IN WRITING (with signature) to the CBNC office.  Refunds are $795 for certification and $525 for recertification (less $50 for those who claimed the multi-modality discount) if cancellation is received by October 27, 2023. Candidates who cancel after October 27, 2023 will not receive any refund. Candidates must cancel with both the testing vendor and CBNC by October 27, 2023 in order to receive a refund. CBNC is not able to retain your application material; reapplications for subsequent years must be made in full.

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Is it true that if I’m late for the exam, I will not be permitted to sit?

This is correct. Pearson VUE schedules examinations throughout the day. If you are late, it may cut into the scheduled time of the person following you. It is entirely up to Pearson VUE whether they are able to accommodate late arrivals. No refunds will be made to candidates who appear late and are denied entry. CBNC strongly recommends arriving 30 minutes early. Most Pearson VUE testing centers have small lobby areas that accommodate early arrivals.

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I have a flight scheduled after the examination; can I bring my luggage with me to the examination?

Most candidates will no longer be flying to a testing center. Examinees will be provided with a small locker; however, large bags probably will not be able to be accommodated. No materials can be brought into the testing room.

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I was not able to sit for the examination but I didn’t inform CBNC before the examination that I needed to cancel. Can I get a refund of my application fee?

Cancellations must be made by October 27, 2023 with both CBNC and the testing vendor. CBNC must have evidence of cancellation from the testing vendor before we can issue your refund. Refunds can not be offered to applicants who cancel after October 27, 2023.

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I sat for the recent examination. How can I find out whether I passed?

In 2024 scores are expected to be released and posted to your MY APCA account approximately 60 days following the end of the examination administration window. As soon as your score becomes available, you will receive an email sent to the email address you provided when you registered for the examination.  If that email address is no longer accessible by you, please log into your MY APCA account to update it. ​

To ensure you receive notification regarding your score availability, add our email address Communications.APCA@Inteleos.org to your address book and/or “Safe Recipient” list. Candidates receiving a passing score will be listed on APCA’s Directory of Certificants​.

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I failed the examination. Can the CBNC hold my application for next year?

CBNC cannot hold applications from one year to the next due to the fact that Eligibility Requirements could change, as well as the fees. Reapplications for subsequent years must be made in full including appropriate fee and required supporting documents.  Unless a specific request is made, CBNC does not return application materials. Please make a copy of your supporting documents for yourself prior to submitting your application.