Purpose & Scope

The Purpose of Certification

The Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology (CBNC) is committed to the certification of Nuclear Cardiology practitioners. Certification provides practice-based requirements against which members of the profession can be assessed. The purposes of the CBNC certification program are as follows:

  • to establish the domain of the practice of Nuclear Cardiology for certification;
  • to assess the level of knowledge demonstrated by Nuclear Cardiology specialists in a valid manner;
  • to encourage professional growth in, and enhance the quality of, the practice of Nuclear Cardiology;
  • to recognize formally individuals who meet the requirements set by CBNC; and
  • to serve the public by encouraging quality patient care in the practice of Nuclear Cardiology.

Scope of Certification

The eligibility requirements and examination materials for the CBNC Certification Examination in Nuclear Cardiology have been developed based on substantial review and analysis of the current state of medical and scientific knowledge of Nuclear Cardiology as reflected in the medical literature. The CBNC Assessment Committee and Working Groups, with the assistance and advice of professionals in relevant fields, has attempted to develop a certification that will recognize accepted levels of expertise in the profession with the goal of improving patient care. However, no certification program can guarantee competence or successful treatment to the public. In addition, given the rapid changes in medical knowledge and the speed of scientific developments, the CBNC cannot warrant that the examination materials will at all times reflect the most current state of the art. The CBNC welcomes constructive comments and suggestions from the profession. The CBNC Certification Program has been designed to comply with testing industry standards.

Revocation of Certification

CBNC may, at its discretion, revoke certification for failure to satisfy maintenance of certification requirements and/or violations of itsĀ Compliance policies. This includes, but is not limited to, the Diplomate losing his/her license to practice medicine either through suspension or termination or conviction of a felony or other serious crime. For details, consult theĀ Compliance policies.

Changes in Policies and Procedures

The CBNC certification program reserves the right to make changes in Policies and Procedures, including eligibility requirements and fees, from year to year.