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CBNC requires that preceptors who write letters attesting to an Applicant’s* Level 2 training in nuclear cardiology have a Program Verification document on file with the CBNC office. To check whether your preceptor or training institution has a current letter on file, use the search functions below.

If your preceptor or facility is not listed, please direct him/her to the Preceptor Information section of the CBNC website or ask him/her to call the CBNC office for information. You may submit your application prior to your preceptor submitting a verification document and you will not be penalized, but your application cannot be finalized until a Program Verification has been received.

ATTENTION – Due to a new documentation requirement from the NRC, in 2017 all preceptors attesting to the training of CBNC Candidates must complete and submit the recently amended 2017 CBNC Program Verification Form. This update is required to ensure that proper CLT training is being administered, attended and documented. As of June 1, 2017 all preceptor letters were marked as expired and therefore will not be shown in the preceptor lookup below. We will update the Preceptor Lookup below as new letters are received. If you do not see your preceptor in our database, a new letter has not yet been provided.

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* Required for all Applicants coming through the Formal Training pathway. A program verification letter is not required for Experience pathway candidates, but no new Experience pathway candidates are being accepted. Click here For details on the pathway requirements.