FAQs - Preceptor Portal

Questions about the Preceptor Portal

What is the Preceptor Portal?

The Preceptor Portal is a new feature in the MY APCA account which aims to streamline the preceptor attestation letter and program verification document (PVD) submission process for CBNC applicants and preceptors. Instead of submitting separate pdf documents to be approved on an individual basis, individual preceptors will be able to create program verification documents directly in their MY APCA accounts and once the document is approved, then submit individual preceptor attestation letters.

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I am a currently valid preceptor with a program verification document dated before 6/3/2020. What do I need to do?

If you see you have a valid PVD dated prior to 6/03/2020 you MUST submit the NEW 2020 version of the document (as it incorporates all of the final changes made to the document). In order to do this, you need to login your MYAPCA portal and under the MYRESOURCES tab click on the “MY CBNC Preceptor Portal Link”. Please allow CBNC staff 10 business days to review your submitted documentation and approve your PVD.

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How can a preceptor access his/her Preceptor Portal information?

If a preceptor already has an account with CBNC (they previously submitted a program verification document before 6/3/2020), they can access their Preceptor Portal by logging into their MYAPCA account and clicking on MY CBNC Preceptor Portal under the MYRESOURCES tab.

If a preceptor is new (and has no prior record with CBNC), they can either:

  • wait until an applicant submits an application identifying them as a preceptor, which will trigger an automatic email to be sent to them including instructions on how to submit the program verification document OR
  • contact the CBNC office (if they do not have prospective applicants to the CBNC in the near future) at 240-631-8151 so staff can initiate the process.

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I’m a new preceptor with a program that does not yet have a PVD. I also am not certain whether or not I have a MYAPCA account. What should I do?

Please call the CBNC offices at 240-631-8151 so that staff may determine if you have a MY APCA account. If staff determines that you do have an account, after a verification process we will provide you with the account information, and then proceed to add you as a preceptor. You will then need to login your MY APCA account and under MYRESOURCES tab, open the MY CBNC Preceptor Portal and submit a PVD. Please allow for 10 business days for staff review your submitted PVD.

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What documents/templates are available on the portal for submission?

There are two documents available to be submitted by a preceptor in the portal:

  • Program Verification Document (PVD): This document MUST be submitted and approved by staff before a preceptor can start submitting individual preceptor attestation letters for CBNC applicants documenting their level 2 Nuclear Cardiology training.
  • Preceptor Attestation Letter: Once CBNC approves the submitted PVD, preceptors can then go in and submit preceptor attestation letters. CBNC advises preceptors to coordinate their letter submission process with applicants in a timely fashion to ensure that a corresponding application is being submitted by the prospective applicant to CBNC.

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My preceptor completed my preceptor attestation letter for the 2022 application cycle in paper format. Does he/she have to submit a new attestation letter in the preceptor Portal?

For the 2022 application cycle, CBNC is allowing the submission of paper (pdf, jpeg format) preceptor attestation letters. However, your preceptor has to submit a PVD in their portal in order for your application to be approved. CBNC strongly advises preceptors to submit the preceptor attestation letters in the new online format.

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When did the Preceptor Portal launch?

The CBNC Preceptor Portal launched on June 3, 2020 is being implemented moving forward.

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Have the Preceptor Program Verification requirements changed?

No. To become verified, a preceptor must fill out a PVD and be an authorized user (the document will require the uploading of a RAM license or BroadScope license OR a letter from the preceptor’s institution’s Radiation Safety Officer confirming the individual’s authorized user status). For more details on program verification, please click here.

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How long is a PVD valid?

Once submitted and approved a PVD is valid for 36 months from the date of approval. If CBNC makes changes to the PVD document language to align with new industry standards or NRC guidelines, it will inform preceptors accordingly so they can submit new letters.

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