Documentation Requirements

  1. Preceptor and/or AU:
    1. must be a CBNC approved preceptor at the program where the candidate trained AND must have either directed or have access to records that verify the candidate’s Nuclear Cardiology training (e.g. program director)
    2. must be in a position to verify and attest to the candidate’s training
  2. Classroom & Laboratory Training (CLT):
    1. CLT may be separated temporally from the rest of training
    2. CLT must be repeated if more than 7 years have elapsed since initial CLT & applicant is currently not an Authorized User
  3. Documentation of 300 cases (when applicable):
    1. Documentation may be obtained from:
      Lab Director
      Hospital or practice administrator (MD or non-MD)
    2. A letter attesting to number of cases constitutes the required documentation
    3. Cases must be within 24 months preceding application submission
  4. Time limit on letters of documentation
    1. Due to additional documentation requirements requested by the NRC in 2020, CBNC has made important updates to our US Formal Pathway Preceptor Letter template. All US Candidates must use the 2020 template or include this new language in their submitted letter. Previous versions of this letter cannot be accepted. Returning candidates must present a 2020 version of the letter. All other CBNC Candidates are strongly encouraged to use the CBNC templates as they have been crafted to address all the required information needed for approval.
    2. Preceptor letters older than 7 years may be submitted as documentation of initial training but will not satisfy the preceptor letter requirement.  CBNC will require a letter from a current Authorized User program director or lab director (from the training institution), using the 2020 template and verifying that the information in the original letter is accurate.

More information can be found here.