About Recertification

CBNC’s certification is for a period of ten years and two months, before the end of which diplomates must recertify in order to maintain their certification status. Because CBNC’s exam is at the end of the year, individuals who recertify in year ten of their certification period were subject to uncertainty regarding their status while awaiting score results.  To address this issue, in 2012 the Board changed all Diplomates’ certification period to ten years and two months.  This change is reflected on APCA’s Directory of Certificants. CBNC’s recertification process allows candidates to sit for the recertification examination in years eight, nine and ten of their certification period. Candidates are permitted three opportunities to pass their recertification exam within their eligibility period without losing their certification status. For example, if a physician obtained initial certification in 2005, he or she may take the exam in 2013 (the first year of admissibility), 2014 and/or 2015.

Should a Diplomate not successfully sit or does not take the recertification examination prior to the expiration of his/her certification period, his/her certification will expire and his/her certification will be published as expired.

Effective since 2014, former Diplomates who have allowed their certification to lapse are allowed to sit for the recertification examination in any given year provided they meet the recertification requirements in the year they are applying. Effective as of 2020, former Diplomates who have allowed their certification to lapse, upon passing the examination, a one-time fee of $250 will be assessed in order to be reinstated.

There will be no back-dating of one’s certification; there will simply be a gap between certifications.

Regardless of when the physician recertifies within the valid certification period, his or her certification will remain valid for ten year and two months from the expiration of the original certification date, or most recent recertification date. For example, if certification expires March 01, 2015 and the physician recertifies in 2012, the new certification would still be valid through March 01, 2025.

The recertification examination differs from the certification examination in that it will be approximately two-thirds length of the certification exam. For content areas and percentage mix, please visit the Content Outline & Scope of Knowledge of our web page.

See this year’s recertification eligibility requirements and application.