Preparing to Take the Examination

How to Prepare for the Examination

To help ensure adequate preparation for taking the certification examination, the following suggestions are offered:

  1. Review the examination outline. Indicated in parentheses is the approximate percentage of the total examination that is allotted to each major content area.
  2. Answer the sample questions in this Bulletin to help familiarize yourself with the nature and format of the questions that will appear on the examination.
  3. View the CBNC Exam Tutorial to familiarize yourself on how to navigate through the electronic format.  The tutorial is not a content review.
  4. Take the CBNC Practice Test to experience a simulation of the examination in the actual test center environment.
  5. The references on this Web site may prove helpful in the review of the subject areas included in the examination. (Note: The listing of these references is intended for use as a study aid only. The CBNC does not intend the list to imply endorsement of specific texts, nor are the questions on the examination taken directly from these texts.)