Letter Documenting Cases Completed within 24 Months of Application Submission

Certification Candidates who completed their Level 2 Nuclear Cardiology training in a fellowship/residency program in 2012 or prior, or who completed their Level 2 training through experience, regardless of Authorized User status, must document their ongoing experience as evidenced by interpretation of a minimum of 300 nuclear cardiology cases (current COCATS requirement for Level 2) within 24 months of application submission.

Document Content and Format
U.S. applicants must submit a letter attesting to the number of cases they have read in the 24 months immediately preceding application submission. The letter must be signed by:

  • The lab Director
  • The hospital or practice Administrator (MD or non-MD)
  • The Chief Technologist

Candidates are STRONGLY encouraged to make use of the Templates on our website. The letter must be printed on organizational letterhead and must be signed.

For further guidance on the content and format of this letter, please refer to our Eligibility for U.S. Applicants: Recentness of Training section.

Non-U.S. applicants should have a statement of attestation on cases included on their preceptor letter.

All templates can be found here, including the Non-U.S. Preceptor Letter template.