Documentation of 30 Hours of CME


The following applicants must provide documentation of a minimum of 30 hours of  AMA Category I CME completed within the thirty-six (36) months prior to application submission. A minimum of 15 hours must be Nuclear Cardiology-specific. A maximum of 15 hours from the applicant’s other areas of specialty (e.g., general cardiology, echo, nuclear medicine, etc) may complete the 30 hour total.

For US Applicants:

  • Certification applicants whose Level 2 nuclear cardiology training was completed seven (7) or more years prior to the exam for which they are applying
  • Certification applicants coming through the Experience Pathway (no new candidates)
  • Recertification applicants

Note: CME must be submitted with your application or you will incur the $75 incomplete application fee. CME hours completed after the final application deadline cannot be accepted.

For Non- US Applicants:

For those applying from outside the US, educational courses and activities without AMA Cat I CME may be counted

  • Recertification applicants
  • Applicants who failed the exam three or more times and who must provide documentation of additional training must submit 25 hours of Nuclear Cardiology Specific CME taken within 18 months of application submission.

Document Content and Format

Applicants can submit copies of CME certificates or letters from CME activity sponsors.
For further guidance on counting CME credit hours, refer to the CME Guidance Document.